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This book is meant to sensitize people of all ages to the beauty of trees, and to nature in general. In the race for the next generation of gadgets, people, especially in urban areas, have forgotten the joys that nature offers. This book is simply to remind them of this.

Read a review of “Just look up...” here. Buy the book here.

Written by Sadhana Ramchander, and illustrated by daughter Ragini (then 10 years old), this is a collection of funny poems, published by Katha, New Delhi, India

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 Compiled, edited and designed for Spark India

 Compiled, edited and designed for Spark India

 Compiled, edited and designed for Spark India

This was designed for Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad, India, on the occasion of their golden jubilee celebrations.

The collage of children on the school stage on the cover was handcrafted using newsprint, whose dull colours and texture give it a subtle, artistic look. Several photos on the inside pages were taken by us, and this is truly a publication that is very close to our hearts.

Looking at the just-from-the-press copy, an alumnus exclaimed, “This looks so good, I want to eat it!” Perhaps the most spontaneous words of praise ever!

We translated the author’s basic text manuscript into an attractive pictorial field guide. Although the author supplied pictures of her bonsai, the conception exercise included selection of photographs, preparation of text-related illustrations, and specific photographs to support the instructional text.

Written by an experienced bonsai exponent and teacher committed to promoting bonsai in the Indian context, this book is an excellent do-it-yourself manual for those who are eager to learn more about this art in India.

'HydandSeek...' is essentially a collection of street photographs from Hyderabad. They were taken over several years by Lakshmi Prabhala, a software-engineer-turned-photographer, who walked through the gallis of the city in pursuit of the extraordinary even in the ordinary lives of simple people.

Conceptualised by Sadhana Ramchander and designed by Ragini Siruguri, this book is a visual tribute to the Hyderabad not seen in tourist brochures or coffee table books.

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BluePencil Creative is about publications on subjects other than agricultural research. They are pictorial with emphasis on design. A few have been written/published by us.
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