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 Edited and designed for The Association for
 Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and
 Central Africa (ASARECA), Entebbe, Uganda

 Designed for the Forum for Agricultural
 Research in Africa (FARA), Accra, Ghana

 Edited and designed for the Africa Harvest
 Biotech Foundation International, Nairobi, Kenya

 Edited and designed for AfricaAdapt, Dakar, Senegal

 Designed for the Forum for Agricultural Research in
 Africa (FARA), Accra, Ghana

 Designed for the Forum
 for Agricultural Research
 in Africa (FARA), Accra,

 Designed for the Forum for Agricultural Research
 in Africa (FARA), Accra, Ghana

 Edited and designed for CORAF / WECARD,
 Dakar, Senegal

Edited and designed for Backhuys Publishers, The Netherlands

A landmark book in our career, which involved extensive substantive editing of several pages of fascinating text. Professor Francesco di Castri rewarded us with these words in the Preface to this book:
“If this book is being published without unreasonable delay the merit should be primarily granted to our supporting editors Sadhana and Vijay Ramchander from Hyderabad, India. In my long career, I have never worked with editors such as Sadhana and Vijay, who can associate professionalism and competence in editing with such a high degree of commitment and abnegation, who have the perspicacity, the interest in the subject, and the sound judgment to help not only in aspects of form and book organization, but also on matters of subject content and substance. For some parts of this book, they even deserve to beconsidered co-authors...”

 Edited and designed for Osmania
 University Centre for International
 Programmes, Osmania University,

 Edited and designed for EMAS, Munich, Germany

 Designed and typeset for Access Agriculture,
 an international NGO that showcases agricultural
 training videos in local languages.

 Edited and designed for Africa Harvest Biotech
 Foundation International,
 Nairobi, Kenya.

We have specialised in publications on agricultural research and
development and have worked for several organizations all over the world.

We also work on books on other subjects that interest us.
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