Its been great to have worked with you. Ive always admired the efficiency and tedious care for quality. You are one of the best service providers Ive worked with. Being able to rely on you on in managing our publications cannot be measured. Your patience in welcoming all our tight deadlines and delivering it on time. your meticulous recording to follow orders. Your ideas on layout and voluntary editing. It is such an ease that just by email layout and printing for FARA is assured. Quality and timeliness that is your greatest asset.
Myra Wopereis-Pura, Director, Access to Knowledge and Technology, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Accra, Ghana (when she left FARA in December 2012).

If this book is being published without unreasonable delay the merit should be primarily granted to our supporting editors Sadhana and Vijay Ramchander from Hyderabad, India. In my long career, I have never worked with editors such as Sadhana and Vijay, who can associate professionalism and competence in editing with such a high degree of commitment and abnegation, who have the perspicacity, the interest in the subject, and the sound judgment to help not only in aspects of form and book organization, but also on matters of subject content and substance. For some parts of this book, they even deserve to be considered co-authors...
Professor Francesco di Castri, in his preface to Tourism, Biodiversity and Information, Backhuys Publishers, The Netherlands.

It looks so good, I want to EAT it!
Artist / teacher / dancer Vanita Bhattacharya, after seeing the fresh-from-the-press copy of Under the imli tree: 50 years of Vidyaranya

I wish to thank you and your team as well as my team here in South Africa for all the hard work in getting the reference report ready. I know you have all gone beyond your call of duty and I do not take this for granted.
Daniel Kamanga, Communications Director, Africa Harvest, Johannesburg, South Africa

It was a great pleasure working with you. Indeed, the quality of your work has impressed my colleagues here. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope to interact again.
Mwamburi Mcharo, Programme Manager, High Value Nonstaple Crops, ASARECA, Entebbe, Uganda

It has been great working with you.The understanding you showed and the patience you exercised towards the back-and-forth manner in which we had to revise the brochure have been very outstanding.
Kofi Adin, Community Manager, UniBRAIN, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, Accra, Ghana