Books for Schools

Working on books for local schools have their rewards – such as when our own children were given books that we worked on as part of their supplementary reading!

We designed Spark Junior Geography, Spark Senior Geography and Spark History: Ancient Civilisations for Spark India, a publisher based in Hyderabad.

The two Chemistry manuals were done for Mrs Vijayalakshmi, a teacher who wanted to bring out good quality manuals for use in schools.

Other creative work

Under the imli tree… was designed for Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad, India, on the occasion of their golden jubilee celebrations.The collage of children on the school stage on the cover, done by Ms Kobita Dass Kolli, was handcrafted using newsprint, whose dull colours and texture give it a subtle yet charming look. This is truly a publication that is very close to our hearts. Looking at the just-from-the-press copy, an alumnus exclaimed, “This looks so good, I want to eat it!” Perhaps the most spontaneous words of praise ever!

Why shouldn’t girls laugh was put together for Saptaparni, Hyderabad. Perhaps our most challenging creative work, where we had to read Telugu writer Abburi Chayadevi’s work, and then conceptualise this book, combining her writing and her craft.

Breaking barriers, building bonds is about the Carnatic music singer and Veena player, Prince Rama Varma, from the Travancore royalty from Kerala. It was put together for his 50th birthday in 2018. Edited and designed for Saptaparni, Hyderabad, India.

Basic Bonsai was edited and designed for Smt Mangala Rao-Nilangekar – a bonsai practitioner. This book is a step-by-step guide to the art of growing bonsai.

‘The Renaissance Man: ‘Doc’ M V Sridhar’s Story’ by Harimohan Paruvu is about a well known cricketer from Hyderabad, who was also the General Manager of The Board of Control for Cricket in India. Doc Sridhar was much loved by all who knew him, and had an untimely death in 2017 at 51. This book was published by his mother Maturi Pushpa.

Bridgetown beat is a collection of candid street photos taken by Italian photographer-jazz musician Mario Porchetta in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Original work written/ published by BluePencil

Autorickshaw blues and other colours is a book of funny poems written by Sadhana Ramchander and illustrated by daughter Ragini (then 10 years old). It was published by Katha, New Delhi. Buy the book here.

Just look up…to see the magic in the trees around you is the first self-published book by BluePencil. It is meant to sensitize people of all ages to the beauty of trees, and to nature in general. Read a review of “Just look up…” here. Buy the book here.

HydandSeek: A Visual tribute to Hyderabad is BluePencil’s second self-published book. It is essentially a collection of street photographs from Hyderabad taken by Lakshmi Prabhala. It was conceptualised by Sadhana Ramchander and designed by Ragini Siruguri. This book is a visual tribute to the Hyderabad not seen in tourist brochures or coffee table books. Buy the book here. Visit the Facebook page.

The third book self-published by BluePencil is Orugallu to Warangal: Journeys across time. This book takes its reader on a trip to Warangal and around – sometimes to a 12th Century temple, sometimes to a forest; sometimes to attend a folk play in a village on the outskirts of the town, and sometimes to the top of a rock, to spot trains passing by. The authors have travelled in and around this city and have put together with much passion, their impressions – descriptive, experiential and visual. Buy Orugallu to Warangal here. Visit the Facebook page.

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