Our Publications

We have specialised in publications on agricultural research and development and have worked for several organizations all over the world.

A series of publications edited and/or designed for the Food and Agriculture Organization, Accra, Ghana.

This is a series of gender studies done for various countries in Africa, and reveal gender disparities in access to critical agriculture and rural resources, knowledge, opportunities, services and markets. These publications explore the existing gender relations and gaps in the various sub sectors of agriculture, and their possible causes and impact on food and nutrition security, and make policy recommendations to address them.

These publications were done for international institutions such as Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Accra, Ghana; Africa Harvest, Nairobi, Kenya; The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA), Entebbe, Uganda; and Access Agriculture, an international NGO that showcases agricultural training videos in local languages.

General Publications

Time and again, there comes our way, work on general subjects that deeply interest us.

A S Rao – Scientist, Visionary, Humanist is a biography of the founder-managing director of Electronics Corporation of India.

EMAS is a booklet about advisory services for emerging markets in India, China and Russia.

Footsteps is an autobiographical sketch of Dr Eugene Terry, who worked extensively in the field of international agricultural research.

Man’s Fate and God’s Choice is a book on philosophy, edited for Mr Bhimeshwara Challa, IAS. This book incisively covers an array of issues and proposes an agenda of action, blending scripture and science, that could reverse our drift towards premature extinction.

Tourism, Biodiversity and Information is a book about sustainable ecotourism methodologies and programs, edited and designed for Backhuys Publishers, The Netherlands.

Decisive Decades is a voluminous tome of memorabilia with write-ups and about 700 photos, edited and designed for the alumni of Sri Padmavathi Women’s College, Tirupati. Brought out by Mrs Kamala Menon Cochran and Mrs E. Hemavathi.

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